Hairdressing salon: A comfortable room, friendly, offering many different services. Reception, specially trained staff welcome you and provide you the best service.

Haircut: Women, men, children. Based on personology by people who are constantly updated on new trends, about hair line and hair color. Indulge in our great experience.

Treatment of Keratin: Treatment that smoothes and combats frizz hair by 95% with a duration of 2 to 3 months.

Bridal creations: Many innovative ideas for this special day and special offers. Indulge in magic of a test that will relax even the most difficult case.

Extension: With the guarantee of Great Sengths we change style, length, volume, depending on your needs.

Treses: Available in a wide variety of color and length at affordable prices for every woman who wants a temporary change. There is also the possibility to rent them.

Manicure and hybrid manicure: Room specially designed with the appropriate decontamination and sterilization of tools and with health license. Groomed limbs - beautiful limbs!

Eyebrows care: The correct shape and grooming eyebrows help us to highlights the features of our face.

Makeup: All working hours of the salon by a special make up artist. Special offer price for brides.

Care and hair styling products: Special products of L'oreal Professionnel for the needs of every hair type, styling products to give you the style that suits you with our help.

Special constructions for hair: You can contact us and ask us to create a special construction for a special hairstyle.

Hair accessories: Many innovative ideas to decorate and refine your hairstyle.

Fashion trends: In our hairdressing salon you can inform about complete collection (haircut - hair color, clothes, shoes, accessories). Traveling from Paris every six months is at your disposal.