Surname: DΡΕΤΑΚΙ
Birth date: December 1974
Nationality: Greek
Family Status: Married with 3 children
Address: 90 Panepistimiou, Leivadas Heraklion, Crete
Phone: 2810341600, 6976972167


1989: Graduate School of Hairdressing "Chryssoulaki" Heraklion
1993: Graduate Evening School Heraklion
Education in school TONY & GAY in London
Education in School Alexander de Pari Paris
Education in school SAKS in London
Education in school JEAN MARK JOUBERT Poitier in France
Hairdressing seminars in loreal academy
Hairdressing seminars master in Barcelona
Hairdressing seminars master in Rome
Face seminars L 'oreal
Chromatology seminars L'oreal
Marketing seminars L 'oreal
Special education from L 'oreal professionnel for presentation seminars and show with French director Zoel and manager of haute coiffure fransaise Chistophe Gallet for the international presentation of Greece to France.


1994-Today Partly owned of hairdressing salon Ananeosi by Mr Kokkinis Stergios (Georgiou Papandreou 58, tel 2810341600-2810341700
1991-1994: Hairdresser in hairdressing salons Papazoglou, Chrysanthou, VANZEL at Athens and ELENA TAKIS, RICIOLO at Heraklion
1989-1991: Assistant hairdresser in hairdressing salons VANA-LENA, LINSI, VASILIS, MARY at Heraklion


1995: Member of HAUTE COIFFURE FRANCAISE (International hairdressing group in Paris)
2005: Pan-Hellenic contest of HCF and I am in 6 of the artistic team HCF Greece. We train, watch and present seminars

Now, as artistic team, we travel each semester in Paris watch, educate and convey the latest fashion trends at Greeks hairdressers in HCFme show of the L'oreal Prefessionnel. We create new Greek collection.


Show events for artistic team of HCF (Haute Coiffure Francaise) in collaboration with L'OREAL PROFESSIONNEL:

- 2002: In collaboration with ERIC ZEMOUR at Intercontinental addressed at 2000 hairdressers
- 2003: With LAETITCIA GUENAOU at L'OREAL (only for distinguished hairdressing salons)
- Open DoorSeminars at L'OREAL Academy
- Seminars in Thessaloniki with hairdressers Kikeri and Palaiologou (in exclusive collaboration with L'OREAL)
- Show στο Vox με τη LAETITCIA GUENAOU
- Show at rex with CHRISTOPHE GAILLET
- Participation in the first Greek loreal forum with the whole team HCF
- Photoshoots with the artistic team of Greek Grammes for 5 years
- 2 times backstage at the world show of HCF in Louvre
- Show with evening hairstyles for hairdressers club in Heraklion
- Show at Vox with PHILIPPE LAURENT
- Presentation evening hairstyles in artistic organization of hairdressers club KEKE
- Show at Mercedes club with Eric ZEMOYR
- 20 artistic photoshoots with photographer Mano Agrimaki for the creation of personal exposure Hair & Light
- Presentation of new INOA dye in Patra and Thessaloniki
- Presentation of new HENKEL company products at Lemessos in Cyprus
- Seminar with HCGREECE at club of Kalamata
- 20 training hours at KEK GESEVE of Heraklion
- Seminars at EPAS of Heraklion and many smaller presentations


- 2008: Member of Artistic Greece Team of HCF (Haute Coiffure Francaise): Through panhellenic contest distinguished to represent Greece and convey the latest fashion trends at Greeks.
- 2010 (September): Show in Paris, Louvre, participation of Haute Coiffure Francaise in Paris, at Carrousel du Louvre. In a spectacular show, which was attended by 2000 hairdressers from around the world, the Greek team of Haute Coiffure Grecque showed impressive hairstyles inspired by ancient Greece.
- 2011 (November): 1st worldwide art exhibition "Hair & Light 12+", in collaboration with photographer Mano Agrimaki in order to create a Children SOS Village in Crete (Heraklion, St. Mark's Basilica).


- Update-Watch all fashion trends
- Seminars, exhibitions: throughout Greece with HCF (Haute Coiffure Francaise) and L'OREAL
- Artistic hair exhibits
- Sculpture
- Facebook